Quiet Corner Fiddlers

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        We are no longer actively keeping this site up to date, though some of the info is still useful.  .  See our Facebook page.  For events see the Facebook page.

Who we are


The Quiet Corner Fiddlers is an informal group of eastern Connecticut amateur fiddlers, with a guitar and a bass.  For more info see our Facebook page.   We get together weekly at various locations in the evening to have fun playing traditional fiddle music, and to improve our fiddling skills.  We mostly play reels, jigs, and waltzes, but we also play rags and Finnish and Klezmer tunes.  We've been doing this since June 2005, and usually about a dozen musicians show up.  At our sessions we go around the group, everyone in turn picking the next tune we play.  Usually, the person picking a tune will play it as a solo first, then everyone joins in.  We occasionally play out at various public performances.  Every second Tuesday we hold our sessions at local restaurants such as Dog Lane Café, Midway Restaurant, Lefty's Landing, Hank's Restaurant, The Lucky Frog, and others.  To play with us, just show up with your fiddle.  For our event schedule, go to our Facebook page.

Yaroslav Tereshchenko presents bowing workshop for Quiet Corner Fiddlers

Yarok presented a well attended workshop on bowing technique for the QCF this fall at one of our sessions in Willimantic.

 Yarok in action....Jane Introducing Yarok.....


Info on Tunes We Play

For a list of the tunes on our Active Play List, click on "Active Play List"   above.

Ken at kmiller189@charter.net produces a free disc of pdf files for the written music to most of the tunes we play.  Contact him directly to request a copy.  With this disc you can print out a copy of any tunes you want.

Quiet Corner Fiddlers at Audubon Society - September 20, 2014

Coventry Farmers' Market - July 2012

Yankee Magazine & Quiet Corner Fiddlers

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Playing at the Eastern CT Railway Museum, Willimantic CT - 2007(?)